The First Annual Harvest Fair

in Schreiber

Will be held on Saturday September 16, 2023 

from 1-3 pm 

at the Schreiber Municipal Building 

at 204 Alberta St, Schreiber

(Get there at 1 pm with your Vegetable Contest entries and Colouring Contest entries!)

Email or contact the Schreiber Public Library for more information

Come Celebrate the Harvest and Local Food with your Community!

The Harvest Fair is a celebration of Local Food Growing and Production, Local Food Security, and Community. Come to enter a contest, play a skill game for prizes, eat some food made locally, trade some plants and seeds, shop from local artisans and businesses, and more! 

What is Food Security?

Have you been affected by soaring food prices at the grocery store? 

Have you been to the local grocery store and found that the food you wanted wasn’t available?

Food Security is consistently and reliably having access to safe and nutritious food. When quality food is not available and accessible, or the supply is unstable, Food Insecurity exists. Our Local Food Security has been negatively impacted by the Covid Pandemic, Climate Change, and by local, federal, and global economic issues. The lack of both supply and affordability of food are factors of Food Insecurity. Many people and families in our community have been unable to buy the food they need to maintain a healthy and appropriate diet. Everyone here has been affected by food supply issues and the rising cost of food. Evidence of the Food Insecurity here can be seen by the increase in community members who have been accessing the local food bank recently. This increase in demand for the food bank has also led to a decrease in the support available to individuals and families in our community. The community food bank was not previously meeting the needs for the community to achieve Food Security, and is now less able to lessen the Food Insecurity. Sadly, we do not have Food Security here in our towns. Research has shown that food banks do not provide the solution to Food Insecurity, and are not reliable sources of quality and nutritious food for those who access them. The local food bank, however, is providing some relief from “Hunger” and is an important community resource while the real economic and food supply problems still exist. While unaffordable housing, unfair wages, social inequalities, and food supply shortages exist, so shall Food Insecurity. Accessing a food bank may temporarily relieve hunger, but it does not provide individuals with Food Security. Hunger and Food Insecurity are not equivalent. 

How the Harvest Fair Helps Increase Local Food Security:

Growing more food locally saves community members money, and provides higher-quality food that is fresher and better for the environment vs. having food shipped in from far away. The Harvest Fair promotes and celebrates the community’s current capacity for Local Food Production and the local economy by bringing together the existing events like Seedy Saturday and the Annual Vegetable Growing Contest, as well as local food businesses, fundraising for the Community Seed Library and the local food bank, games and prizes to celebrate food growing, and information about growing food and healthy eating. We hope to foster a sense of community around working toward Food Security and provide real opportunities for the community to increase Local Food Production. 

We have a challenging local climate for growing food and Climate Change brings additional need for resilience and adaptability. The Harvest Fair is promoting working together as a community to build our collective capacity for growing food. Some of the resources we are building include: the Community Seed Library, local gardening knowledge sharing, access to resources, supporting the local ecosystems, support for local food producers, increased access to growing spaces, and increasing awareness of food production possibilities. 

EcoRestore is working on Building Community Food Security:


By hosting 3 Seedy Saturdays in 2023, EcoRestore hopes to increase the Community Capacity to grow food and save seeds. Local gardeners of all skill levels can meet in person to trade plants and seeds and share gardening knowledge specific to our growing conditions. Information and resources are available at the Seedy Saturdays to help community members start growing and seed saving, or improve their growing and seed saving abilities. At the Harvest Fair, visit the Seedy Saturday section 

“Plant and Seed Swap” happening as part of the “Seedy Saturday”. You can bring plants and seeds to trade, sell, or even donate. Gardeners can also share gardening knowledge. We have the Community Seed Library that is available for community members to “borrow” seeds from for free, and we are building a collection of seeds that are locally adapted to our growing conditions. Any type of seeds are accepted, but we ask that you not bring any seeds for invasive plant species, and also try to bring non-GMO, open -pollinated seeds only.


Community Seed Library available at the Schreiber Public Library with plans to have another physical Seed Library in Terrace Bay in the near future. Community members can access seeds to grow food and native plants by “borrowing” seeds to grow and “returning” seeds they have collected. The collection will grow to become a Community Resource of seeds that are locally adapted to our very special local climate. 

Remember to “return” some seeds you have collected this year! 


Supporting the local ecosystem helps everyone in the community and contributes globally.  EcoRestore and the Ecosystem Restoration Community Group deliver workshops at local schools and in the community, and also provide opportunities to participate in Ecosystem Restoration projects, to promote Action and build the Community Knowledge about how to support and repair the local ecosystems. We have many opportunities for community members to participate in Local Food Security, Environmental Justice, Ecosystem Restoration, and Climate Mitigation and Adaptation.  At the Harvest Fair, community members can learn about how to get involved and also view the displays and access more information about actions they can take at home or in the community. 

The Community Garden

The Annual Vegetable Contest

The Schreiber Public Library has been holding a Vegetable Growing Contest annually with categories for the tallest Sunflowers, the largest Squash/Zucchini, Pumpkin, or Garlic, and the always interesting “Unusual Vegetable” category! All entries must be entered before 2 pm at the Harvest Fair on September 16th, or email by Friday September 15th if planning to enter with a photo and the weight/height of your entry to . You can find entry forms at the Schreiber Public Library or on their Facebook page, as well as at the Harvest Fair. The Schreiber Public Library also manages The Community Garden in Schreiber, come to the Harvest Fair to learn more about how to get involved and add your name to the waiting list for a plot for 2024.

We have lots of fun games, contests, and prizes for all ages at the Harvest Fair, some are free to enter, and some require game tickets that can be purchased at the Harvest Fair. We are already planning additional contests and games for the 2024 Harvest Fair!

Free to Enter for a chance to win:

The Library’s Annual Vegetable Contest 

Colourig Contest for All Ages

Guess the # of Beans

Free Candy for Attendees: 


Buy Game Tickets for a chance to win:

Balloon Pop 

Bean Bag Toss 

Support Local Artisans and Businesses at the Harvest Fair!

Twigs in Bloom Home Decor

Cozy Mitts


Superior Burritos

Superior Dog Treats

Others TBA

Informational displays and handouts, and local experts available for your questions about growing food, saving seeds, supporting the local ecosystems, and healthy food all at the Harvest Fair!

The North Shore Family Health Team

Ecosystem Restoration Community Group

Seedy Saturday

Support the local non-profit community resources at the Harvest Fair by buying something for yourself or a friend!

The Community Seed Library (Seeds and Items for sale)

The Schreiber Public Library (books, Quilt Raffle Tickets, Game Tickets)

The North Shore Harvest Cupboard (Pie Sale)

Schreiber Senior Centre (BBQ)

Relationship Between Food Banks and Food Insecurity in Canada

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