Greenpeace Canada’s reaction to Liberal government’s commitment to new nature law in 2024

Greenpeace Canada’s reaction to Liberal government’s commitment to new nature law in 2024

TORONTO Today, the Liberal government formalized its commitment to new nature legislation in 2024, just in time for the anniversary of the Kunming-Montreal Agreement, the biggest nature summit in a decade. 

In reaction, Shane Moffatt, Head of the Food and Nature campaign at Greenpeace Canada, said: 

“We congratulate Prime Minister Trudeau and his government for making this big commitment. It provides a ray of hope in the midst of a global biodiversity crisis. If the Prime Minister follows through on it, this could be a real turning point for wildlife and nature across the country. This legislation is Justin Trudeau’s big chance to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

It’s important to say that none of this would have been possible without tens of thousands of people across Canada calling, demonstrating and petitioning to make it happen. And we’re still not there yet. We will be watching closely to ensure the legislation delivers transparent reporting, strong public accountability and deep respect for Indigenous rights and knowledge.

Passing this legislation before the next Nature COP in the fall will serve as the ultimate litmus test of the government’s commitment to nature protection.”


Note to editors: 

Over 55,000 people across Canada have called on the Prime Minister to pass new Nature and Biodiversity legislation;

Seven in ten people in Canada support a new nature law, according to a poll  commissioned by Greenpeace Canada in 2022;

In 2022, Greenpeace released a report, Protecting Nature – Protecting Life, explaining the need for a new nature law; 

In November 2023, with the support of Greenpeace Canada, Ecojustice and West Coast Environmental Law, MP Richard Cannings sponsored the parliamentary petition e-4673 calling on the federal government to pass new nature legislation.

For more information, please contact: 

Dina Ni, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada; +1 416 820-2148

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