How to #TakeCashOutOfCarbon: A Step-by-Step Guide to Take Action on Fossil Banks

How to #TakeCashOutOfCarbon: A Step-by-Step Guide to Take Action on Fossil Banks

As individuals, we are regularly trying to do what we can to have a more positive impact on the planet: reducing our holiday waste, reducing our “footprint” through our eating habits, and opting for fossil-free transportation like walking or biking. Sadly, our best efforts are continually undercut by large companies and their addiction to profit, even at the expense of people and the planet.

Canada’s biggest banks have been using our money to fund fossil fuels. RBC, Scotiabank, TD, BMO, and CIBC provided over ONE TRILLION CDN to fossil fuels since 2016, which is when the global climate change treaty known as the Paris Agreement was signed. These banks are aware of the climate crisis and they often suggest minor cosmetic fixes to wash—no, greenwash—their hands of their role in this problem. These trivial solutions that they propose are merely the starting point for an effective response to the climate crisis. Furthermore, these banks are quietly quitting on even their minor climate commitments, proving they are not serious about tackling this issue.

It can sometimes seem like Fossil Banks cannot help themselves: they are too embedded in capitalist systems which put profit over people and they are setting fire—literally—to the planet. Our government has the tools to cure the Fossil Banks of their addiction to unsustainable fossil fuel funding. They just need a little nudge, from you and me.

Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is: urge decision-makers to #TakeCashOutOfCarbon by aligning Canada’s financial system with climate goals (as set out by the Paris Agreement).

Step 1: Email your MP in one click!

If you haven’t already, you can add your name to the growing list of people who are urging their Members of Parliament (MPs) to support legislation that will #TakeCashOutOfCarbon by regulating banks. This first step is an easy, direct action that puts pressure on decision-makers to put people and planet over profit.

Through government regulation bodies and tools (like OSFI and the Bank of Canada), provincial securities regulation, and ensuring Canada’s financial institutions respect the free, informed, prior consent of Indigenous communities, banks regulation is absolutely a viable option to ensure we reduce the flow of money pouring into Big Oil. The regulation of banks to align them with climate goals is already something that is done elsewhere. In fact, Canada lags behind the EU and UK in regulating when it comes to aligning financial regulator mandates with climate objectives.

We’ve had well over 10,000 supporters send out emails over the past few months and this people power is already working: over 64 MPs across four different parties already support our demand!

It’s time for our elected leaders to hold big banks accountable. Join us in asking the federal government to use all legislative and regulatory tools at its disposal to align Canada’s financial system with the Paris Agreement:

Step 2: Share the petition!

Once you’ve sent a quick email to your local MP, spread the word and encourage your friends and family to do the same! 

By sharing the petition, you’re helping our message reach even more people and putting additional pressure on decision-makers. Every email sent makes our collective voice louder, urging MPs to represent their constituency’s demands to #TakeCashOutOfCarbon. By encouraging others to email their MPs too, we can show decision-makers that the demand for change extends beyond individuals to entire networks. Together, we can make sure our call for change resonates far and wide.

We’ve made it easy for you to share the petition with your social media followers using these share buttons below. People power works—and the more, the merrier!

Step 3: Urge leaders on social media!

As many MPs are already supporting banks regulation, then putting pressure on federal leaders like Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, is sure to ramp up the pressure! Urging leaders at all levels is sure to make bank regulation a difficult proposal to ignore, to create more momentum, and to encourage more public accountability.

Over the past couple of months, people like you have participated in digital days of action, flooding MPs, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland with messages, urging them to #TakeCashOutOfCarbon by regulating banks.

Let’s keep this pressure on and continue to send them messages so they can’t look away. Show up online and urge federal leaders publicly:

Step 4: Call your MP

Your voice is a potent tool for change! After signing the petition, take the next step by calling your MP to advocate for greener finance. Dial their number and express why regulating banks for environmental responsibility matters to you.

Not only can MPs not disregard what their constituents find important (it’s part of their mandate), but a phone call establishes a personal connection with your MP. It adds a human touch to the demand, making it more challenging for them to disregard. It also allows you to express the urgency of the matter in ways that might not be possible online or by email.

Need guidance on what to say? Visit this page for some tips and a script tailored to our cause. By making that call, you play a vital role in urging political leaders to prioritize climate-friendly policies and defund fossil fuels. Let’s turn your voice into action!

Step 5: Meet your MP

Ready to take your commitment to the next level? Meeting with your Member of Parliament (MP) is a powerful way to ensure your concerns are heard and it allows for more in-depth advocacy.

Meeting with your MP provides an opportunity to delve into the specifics of why regulating banks for environmental responsibility is crucial and even allows you to convey the very real and personal impacts of ignoring this issue. Meetings with MPs can act as a catalyst for policy shifts. Your commitment and direct engagement is more likely to inspire them to consider and advocate for policy changes aligned with climate goals.

For an in-depth guide on scheduling and preparing for a meeting, check this page. Your personal stories and commitment to change can be a catalyst for policy shifts. Be a driving force for a sustainable future—schedule that meeting, make your voice heard, and be a part of the movement for a greener, cleaner planet!

If you’ve made it through all five of these steps—or any of them, really—mission accomplished! You have succeeded in using your voice to urge leaders to #TakeCashOutOfCarbon and align the financial system with climate goals.

Remember, people power drives change. Each signature, every shared email, and every call to your MP contributes to a collective force that demands action. In the face of the climate crisis, our unity is the most potent tool we possess. Let’s continue to work together, unyielding and determined, because it’s the strength of our collective voice that will shape a sustainable and just future for all.

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